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What's it Like to Learn Chinese with EasyMandarin?

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Our students come from all over the world and represent all walks of life.

We’ve taught Brazilian dancers, South African restaurateurs, Europeans gap year adventurers and the Swiss head of an NGO. The enthusiasm, experiences and ideas our students bring to the classroom make life at our school unique, rewarding and fun.

Read some comments from our students:

Zofie Feytons


I really enjoyed my classes and the service is great. My Chinese improved a lot and everyone at EasyMandarin made me feel like part of the family. Xie xie EasyMandarin!

Franck Salazard


Not only did I learn a lot of Chinese in two months (on the intensive group course), but the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Jessica Kane


Wonderful personal attention. I enjoyed Chinese classes and will definitely continue learning. I loved my teacher!

Juergen Simon


I liked the interactive teaching style in a small group, addressing individual issues while keeping a progressive pace.

Ayumi Enomoto



Terry Chan


I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made. The class was perfect for my level, my teacher was fantastic and I really enjoyed meeting other students. My only wish is that I could stay longer!

David Tingdahl


I feel that my Mandarin has improved a lot since coming here. The classes are kept small so there is lots of time for assistance from the teacher. And most important, it is fun.

Rebecca Wright


Not only are the classes helping me to communicate with Chinese people, I am also getting to know other foreigners living in Shanghai. I look forward to learning even more over the next year!

Zee Ngoma

South Africa

The classes are very interactive. They make learning easy and comprehensible. Very good!

Jouni Valkama


The atmosphere here was very relaxing and studying in a small group was most efficient. It was a lot of fun. I can highly recommend the course at EasyMandarin.

Dean Oxenham


For those planning on taking a crash course in Chinese and a job in Shanghai, you should come here. It was a cool and beneficial learning experience for me!