Adventure To Ancient Chinese Water Town – Zhujiajiao

Zhujiaojiao Chinese Water Town

On a beautiful springtime day in Shanghai, EasyMandarin students, teachers, friends and family hopped on a bus and went to Zhujiajiao ancient Chinese water town. This trip had 50 people participate and even a cute dog joined in on the fun. The first part of the trip was a Zhujiajiao boat tour of the town’s rivers and then everyone walked around checking out how the people in the old town lived and tasting some local delicious snacks. Next, we had a great-tasting organic lunch at a nearby unique ecological garden. After lunch, we picked strawberries at a local farmer’s greenhouse (each of us got to take home one kilo!). The action-packed trip ended with a yoga session at Dianshan Lake Park led by the team at LeafYoga.

Zhujiaojiao Zhujiaojiao Chinese Water Town Zhujiaojiao Chinese Water Town Zhujiaojiao Chinese Water Town Zhujiaojiao Chinese Water Town

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