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While there is no substitute for real in-classroom Chinese language learning, many useful apps have been developed in recent years that can supplement and enhance students’ Mandarin learning experience. Most of these apps have a flashcard-like function to help you memorize vocabulary and learn Chinese characters. While we are not going to go through the entire slew of Mandarin language learning apps, we are going to focus on one app that many EasyMandarin students have found to be extremely helpful.

Our app of choice is called Anki. Their motto is “Friendly, intelligent flash cards. Remembering things just became much easier.” This multi-device, multi-platform, open source program uses a spaced repetition algorithm that is believed to significantly improve the speed in which you learn Chinese words and characters. (Sorry for all the tech jargon, but the point is that it’s really good!) By using text, images, sounds, and videos, this multimedia learning experience can be customized according to your Chinese language learning needs.

AnkiDroid Screenshot           AnkiDroid HSK Screenshot2

After installing the app, you can download pre-made “decks” of flashcards (made by other users). Almost all of the EasyMandarin textbooks have decks already made. You can also find decks for each level of the HSK exam. You should double check to make sure that the deck you download is high-quality since, as mentioned previously, decks are user-made and could contain errors. Also, try to download decks with sound so you can work on your Chinese pronunciation. You can also create your own decks.

Download Android App | Download iOS App| Visit Anki Website 

Price: Free on Android (“AnkiDroid Flashcards”), $24.99 on iOS (“AnkiMobile Flashcards”)

Learning Chinese on the go? Another useful tip for you…

We developed a free Chinese language learning resource for you right on WeChat. Follow EasyMandarin’s official account on WeChat and send us keywords when you are out and about, and need to know about a certain subject. For example, next time you go for a haircut, type “haircut” and automatically get a list of really useful Chinese vocabulary sent right to your mobile phone.

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