easyMandarin Ascends Mount Qiyun

(March 23 – March 25, 2012) During a three-day weekend getaway to celebrate the end of the cold winter, students, friends and staff from easyMandarin scaled Mount Qiyun (Chinese: 齐云山, pinyin: “Qíyūn Shān” in pinyin, literally “As High as the Clouds”) located 5 hours from Shanghai in China’s Anhui Province.  The group lucked out with perfect weather over the weekend to top off the great adventure full of fun activities.easyMandarin Ascends Mount Qiyun

Some of the activities included hiking, mountain climbing, bonfire (roasting marshmallows), barbecuing, and more.  Moussa Yahaia, an easyMandarin Evening Small Group Chinese course student from the French island of Réunion said, “I finally got to see another part of China and I really enjoyed it.  The activities were a lot of fun and the food wasn’t bad.  It was great! ”

For pictures of the trip please click here – easyMandarin Ascends Mount Qiyun.

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