Boo! Halloween and Dumplings with easyMandarin

Students, teachers, and friends celebrated Halloween with easyMandarin at our 4th Annual Dumpling-making party. Halloween costumes, dumpling-making lessons, and lots of fun!


On Saturday, October 31st, easyMandarin and easyEnglish held a big costume party to celebrate Halloween at our Wanhangdu Lu campus in Shanghai.Dumpling-making lessons were given and fun games were played. The students studying Mandarin took advantage of the opportunity to practice the language with the Chinese students from easyEnglish.

Click link below to see pictures from the exciting event:


About easyMandarin

easyMandarin, also known as “Easy Mandarin” or “eM”, is one of China’s leading Chinese language training schools. The school was established in the year 2006 and since then has taught Mandarin to thousands of individuals from more than 60 countries, including overseas students, interns, CEOs, heads of NGOs, consulate generals, and people just visiting China to experience the language and culture. eM is based in Shanghai, China and is internationally accredited by CSN.