Happy Holidays! Christmas and New Year in Shanghai

It is that time of the year again and it seems that every year that passes Shanghai looks and feels more and more like London, Paris, or New York City during the holidays. With The Gap and Apple flagship stores recently opened and bustling with shoppers, Christmas trees and holiday shanghai_christmas_2010_easyMandarindecorations covering commercial and residential buildings, and the cold air (even some snow!) sweeping through, Shanghai has definitely got that holiday feeling.

While many easyMandarin students return to their countries to celebrate the holidays, some stick around to enjoy the festivities in Shanghai.

Clement Souchet, a French student, is going to be in Shanghai and will continue studying Chinese over the holidays. He plans to go out to Jean George restaurant on the Bund with some friends and then to club M1nt to enjoy a few drinks for Christmas Eve and then Vue restaurant on top of the Hyatt on the Bund for New Year.

Emily Simmons, an Intensive Mandarin student from America, will also stay in Shanghai for the holidays. On Christmas Eve, she plans to go to dinner with friends (not sure where yet) and she plans to watch fireworks somewhere in Shanghai on New Year’s Eve. Emily likes celebrating Western holidays in Shanghai because while the holidays remind her of back home in the U.S., there is always an added Chinese touch.

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