EasyMandarin Management Team

Meet the people who keep the school running

Yis Weintraub

Founder and School Director

As creator and director of EasyMandarin, I have ultimate responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the school by providing overall direction and advice to the rest of the team.

I also frequently reply to student emails, so you may have already heard from me. I really like the challenge of living and running a school in Shanghai. Every day brings new, interesting challenges and experiences and I suppose that is what makes being an entrepreneur so different and exciting.

There is never a dull moment. I have personally made friends with my students who come from across the world, staying in touch with many even though they are no longer living in Shanghai and have moved on with the successes of their lives. To me, EasyMandarin is more than a big family; it is also an incubator for friendship and true talents.

When I am not at the school, I enjoy burning calories at the gym and spending time with my amazing wife and kids. I also try to keep up with all the popular new TV shows – right now I am watching True Detective and Homeland S4.

My core areas of expertise are: Education Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Company Development

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Liann Zhang

Founder and School Manager

I love going on adventures and helping students plan excursions in and around Shanghai, and throughout China. Some of the previous activities that I planned with students include: mountain climbing, rafting, paragliding, camping out, and more. When you are at the school, please come by and say hi, and let me know if you are interested in an activity.

When I am not planning excursions, I work with the Teacher Supervisor regarding HR matters and make sure that the school has everything it needs to function, on top of other things.

Outside of the school, I like going to the gym and trying out new restaurants with my friends.

My core areas of expertise are:  Education Management, Customer Service Management, HR Management and Procurement

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Johann Darbas

Business Development Manager / Course Consultant

I am from France and I help students from all over the world enroll in EasyMandarin’s Chinese courses. I also work with organizations and companies that have foreign employees that want to learn Chinese.  

I am always available to give advice to students regarding visas, life in Shanghai, and things to do in and around Shanghai.  

When I am not emailing or on the phone with students or companies, I am usually chatting with students that attend the school.

If we haven’t already met, feel free to come by and say hi. By the way, I am not only a native French speaker, but I also speak fluent English and Chinese.

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陳 欣瑩 (Xinying Chen)

Business Development Manager / Course Consultant

I help Japanese individuals and organizations enroll in EasyMandarin Chinese language courses.  I speak Japanese and English, and am a native Chinese speaker from Shanghai. If you are a Japanese student, you can relax as I will help advise you before you come to China, and also help you with anything when you are here.  I was previously a Mandarin teacher (taught mostly Japanese students) so I can give you tips about learning the language.  If you have questions about your visa, things to do in and around Shanghai, or just want to know about some good restaurants, just ask me. Outside of work, I enjoy playing badminton, reading (I’m a history buff), and travelling. Find me on LinkedIn

Lydia Gu

Teacher Supervisor / HR Manager

I am responsible for hiring the best, most qualified and fun teachers to work at EasyMandarin.  I used to be a Chinese teacher myself and I really like to work with other teachers and help them develop over time.  

I also handle the teacher scheduling for all of our students, so even though many students may not know me, I know who you are.  

Outside of the school, I spend most of my free time with my daughter – helping her with school stuff and getting her involved in extracurricular activities.

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