Corporate Mandarin Training

Effective Chinese courses for businesses

We believe corporate Chinese language training can enable employers to offer their staff a better life in China:

  • Improve communication between foreign and Chinese staff
  • Improve relationships with Chinese clients, suppliers, and buyers
  • Improve employee self-confidence

EasyMandarin has taught thousands of expatriates from all over the world. From total beginners to advanced students, from CEOs to interns, all have learned successfully with us.

Our in-house developed training material delivered by our professional, experienced Mandarin teachers is suitable for groups or individuals and is designed to improve employee communication, relationships, and self-confidence.

EasyMandarin Corporate Training Courses


The Beginner Communication level includes four sections – Total Beginner, Lower Beginner, Middle Beginner, and Upper Beginner. During 120 hours of Beginner mandarin study, your employees will learn more than 1000 words, 200 sentences, and 130 grammar points. This will enable your employees to use and understand simple communication in daily life, such as: greetings, self introduction, shopping, bargaining, taking public transportation, making appointments, ordering food, seeing the doctor, booking tickets, renting an apartment, etc. Furthermore, the Beginner level will prepare employees for EasyMandarin’s Intermediate Communication level.


The Intermediate Communication level is suitable for those who have completed the Beginner Communication level or those who possess a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words. This level consists of 3 sections – Lower Intermediate, Middle Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate. During 180 hours of Intermediate mandarin study, employees will learn more than 1500 words and 700 sentences, as well as 450 grammar points. The contents of each lesson focus on topics concerning foreigner experiences in China including living in, working in, or sightseeing within China. All of the texts are composed of dialogue using conversational Chinese from everyday situations; therefore Intermediate level employees should find each lesson both practical and interesting.


After the Intermediate Communication level, employees can move into different areas of Advanced Communication Chinese (Business, Tourism, Literature, Culture, History, etc.). At the advanced level, employees progress at his/her own pace. Oral expression and composition are emphasized as well as strengthening reading and vocabulary.


Employees at the Intermediate level may take the Business Communication course. This course not only teaches fundamental modern business vocabulary and local Chinese business practices, but also can be custom tailored according to your company and employees’ specific learning requirements.