HSK Preparation

Dedicated assistance to help you achieve your goals

Let an EasyMandarin Chinese instructor help you prepare the right way for the HSK exam so you can reach your desired goal and improve your success rate. With real practice tests and word lists for each level, we will make sure you are as ready as you can be.

For those looking for credentials to go along with their Chinese skills, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) exam is the People’s Republic of China’s only officially recognized Chinese language proficiency test. The exam is broken up into 6 levels (or “scores”), 1 through 6, according to the following tables:

Elementary HSK Tests Level 1 Level 2
No. of Characters 178 349
No. of Words 150 300
Certificate Elementary Elementary w/Honors
Intermediate HSK Tests Level 3 Level 4
No. of Characters 623 1071
No. of Words 600 1200
Certificate Intermediate Intermediate w/Honors
Advanced HSK Tests Level 5 Level 6
No. of Characters 1709 2633
No. of Words 2500 5000
Certificate Advanced Advanced w/Honors

HSK tests for levels 1-6 can be taken either online or as a written test and are held once every month with results being published about 30 days after the test. See below for a list of forthcoming test dates.

Test Date Registration for Pencil and Paper Test Registration for Online Test
11-Jan-20 15-Dec-19 01-Jan-20
09-Feb-20 13-Jan-20 30-Jan-20
07-Mar-20 NA 26-Feb-20
21-Mar-20 23-Feb-20 11-Mar-20
11-Apr-20 15-Mar-20 01-Apr-20
09-May-20 12-Apr-20 29-Apr-20
14-Jun-20 18-May-20 04-Jun-20
12-Jul-20 15-Jun-20 02-Jul-20
23-Aug-20 27-Jul-20 13-Aug-20
19-Sept-20 23-Aug-20 09-Sept-20
17-Oct-20 20-Sept-20 07-Oct-20
07-Nov-20 NA 28-Oct-20
21-Nov-20 25-Oct-20 11-Nov-20
06-Dec-20 09-Nov-20 26-Nov-20