Private Lessons/1-To-1 Chinese Courses

Flexible, customized Chinese lessons

We offer private Chinese classes at your convenience – where you want and when you want. We are flexible and can arrange a study solution to suit your requirements.

Private Course Details

Course description: Private studies can provide the ideal solution for students seeking to focus on special areas of interest or benefit from the exclusive attention of a teacher attuned to your learning style and particular needs. In the past, this option has been popular with students preparing for HSK exams or seeking to understand business Chinese.

Learners with a daily schedule that prevents participation in a group class may also benefit from a private study arrangement. Another advantage is that these lessons can be held at the school or off-campus (home, office, other location).

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Private Lessons Prices

Hours One Student Two Students
120+ Hours CN¥ 150/hour CN¥ 180/hour
90+ Hours CN¥ 160/hour CN¥ 200/hour
60+ Hours CN¥ 175/hour CN¥ 220/hour
30+ Hours CN¥ 200/hour CN¥ 260/hour