Mid-Autumn Festival Arrives – Yummy Mooncakes!

Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese Characters: 中秋节; pinyin: Zhōngqiū jié) falls on Wednesday, September 22nd this year.  It is one of the most important holidays on the Chinese calendar – the holiday of yummy mooncakes!  For many easyMandarin students, this is their first time hearing of the holiday and they will get to experience it firsthand since it is a legal holiday and (almost) everything in China is closed for three days.

James Burbridge, an Intensive Mandarin student from the USA, has to work a bit during the holiday and also plans to relax as much as possible.  When he is not studying Mandarin, he is teaching English and learning Japanese.

Herry Susanto, an Intensive Mandarin student from Indonesia, plans to go to the Shanghai Expo during the holiday.  He just arrived in Shanghai on September 12th so he will also take this time so see some of the tourist sites.  Herry practices Buddhism and plans to visit some Buddhist temples during the holiday as well.  Some of the popular temples in Shanghai include Jing’an Temple and Jade Buddha Temple.

Christine Naess, an Intensive Mandarin student from Norway, was planning to go to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) during Mid-Autumn Festival, but after hearing stories of huge crowds in touristy places during the holidays, she changed her plans and will go see the lakes, green hills, and temples of Hangzhou (about a two hour train ride from Shanghai).   She is keeping her fingers crossed that Hangzhou will not be too crowded.

Pan Lei, an easyMandarin teacher from Northeastern China’s city of Harbin, wants to go to a “natural place”, “because Shanghai is so crowded.  A quiet, natural place can change my mood.”

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