Newly Renovated Modern Classrooms Right Behind Jing’an Temple!

Our goal was to create a Chinese learning environment in the center of Shanghai where students feel comfortable in their home away from home.  We are very happy with and proud of the results.  Student feedback has been extremely positive, and that is all we can ask for.  Jing'an Temple Modern Classrooms

Jing'an Temple Modern ClassroomsJing'an Temple Modern ClassroomsJingan Temple Modern ClassroomsJing'an Temple Modern Classrooms Jingan Temple Modern Classrooms EasyMandarin Jingan Temple Classrooms

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About EasyMandarin

EasyMandarin is Shanghai’s leading Chinese school and one of the top language training centers in China. The school was established in the year 2006 and since then has taught Mandarin to thousands of individuals from more than 60 countries, including overseas students, interns, CEOs, heads of NGOs, consulate generals, and people just visiting China to experience the language and culture. EasyMandarin is an official partner of the American (AmCham), German (AHK), Swiss (SwissCham), and Danish (DCCC) Chambers of Commerce. EM is based in Shanghai, China and is internationally accredited by CSN.