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We’ve taught the Chinese language to thousands of smart individuals from all over the globe at our Shanghai Chinese school since 2006. Now you have the opportunity to learn Chinese online from anywhere in the world with one of our professional Mandarin language experts.

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Get a taste with some free sample audio and text lessons as well as tips and advice on how to get the most out of learning Mandarin while living in Shanghai.

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Chinese Phonetics (Pinyin)
This lesson will introduce you to the building blocks of the Chinese language.

Introducing Yourself
Find out how to introduce yourself to someone new in Chinese.

Taking a Taxi
Learn how to get from A to B in China with our guide to taking a taxi.

At a Restaurant
In this lesson, we introduce you to some Chinese vocabulary and phrases that are useful when eating at a restaurant.

Chinese Pronouns
This lesson will introduce you to Chinese pronouns.

Numbers & Weekdays
This lesson will show how to pronounce numbers and weekdays in Chinese.