Total Solar Eclipse in Shanghai – Students React

easyMandarin students share their experiences of the July 22nd total solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse of July 22, 2009, is the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting at most 6 minutes, 39 seconds (source: Wikipedia).  Luckily, Shanghai was at the center of the path where “totality” was visible, meaning the entire sun was blocked by the moon and the city went completely dark!  This extraordinary event occurred at approximately 9:35am in Shanghai.

Pablo Santos, a student from Spain, just arrived at the school for his morning intensive course when the eclipse started.  “It was amazing!  It got so dark, like it was nighttime.”

Joshua Barnes, an American student, went to Shanghai’s Century Park to watch the eclipse and he really enjoyed it.  “I thought it was cool.  It was eerie.”

Lily Lee, campus supervisor at easyMandarin, thought the experience was “hen bucuo, hen bucuo”.  (Translation – “very good, very good!”)