Welcoming the Year Of the Horse – EM Celebrates 8 Years!

The year of the horse officially starts on January 31, 2014 and lasts until February 18, 2015.

The year 2014 also marks EasyMandarin’s 8-year anniversary! Since 2006, the year of the dog, EasyMandarin has taught the Chinese language to thousands of expatriates, professionals & overseas students from all over the world. It has been an exciting 8 years and the school has a lot of future plans so that the next 8 years will bring even more excitement.

easyMandarin celebrates 8 years!

So, what exactly does it mean to be born on the year of the horse? Well, just like Western zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac signs have their strengths and their weaknesses. 



-Great communicators (they like to be the center of attention)




-Hard workers (refuse to fail) 


-Don’t listen to others input

-Bad  temper

-Wasteful (not good with matters of finance/budgeting)



Happy New Year from all of us at EasyMandarin!